Confused with the proposal and the site's banner

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Confused with the proposal and the site's banner


I have to update the CERN banner in one of our applications, but I'm a bit confused because the site's banner doesn't follow the recomendations. Is it going to change?




Evolution of the CERN toolbar

Hi Benedicto,

[Sorry for the slow reply: I was on vacation.]

The CERN toolbar will evolve, so you may need to make some updates in your application in future. If you look at the beta version of the new website, for instance, you can see that the toolbar will include a link to a new directory page.  You can register that you are using any of the assets in the library: once you register you'll get an email warning you of any upcoming changes as well as preview code so that you can test it ahead of deployment. The link to register is on the assets page on the right-hand side.

I hope that helps. If not feel free to drop me a note.


CERN toolbar not correctly implemented on this site?

Ah, I just reread your question: if you mean that the toolbar is not implemented on this site as per the documentation, you are quite right. We're working on it!

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