The CERN typographic experience on the web is based on the PT family of typefaces. PT, distributed under an open user license, is a family of typefaces comprising  Sans, Serif and Caption. Designed by Paratype in 2009, the PT family of typefaces are highly legible and have excellent language support, in addition to being included as default on Fedora Linux, Gentoo Linux and OS X Lion.

Typographic contrast

CERN uses the three families of PT to build a clear typographic hiearchy in web pages that relies on the difference between type weight, style and size. This ensures a pleasurable reading experience for the user, and also gives content authors enough freedom to create varience in their content whilst still retaining a CERN 'family' feel. 

Font usage

Throughout CERN websites, the body copy should be PT Serif. Large, bold type should be used to clearly show information hierarchy. To give added typographic contrast, all headings should be PT Sans, and addition to all sidebar and navigation elements.

  • PT Serif: Recommended for article body copy.
  • PT Sans: Recommended for headings, sidebar and navigational content
  • PT Caption: Recommended for image captions.

Developer resources

Example markup

See http://cern.ch/framework/2.0/typography/


git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/web-team-ux-assets/framework2.git

After cloning the above repository use the path /typography under framework2.

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