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The cern Drupal theme is documented here for reference for developers who wish to customize their Drupal site by creating a subtheme. It is not part of the framework repository.

Developer resources

Read the drupal.org theming guide for an overview of Drupal's theme architecture: http://drupal.org/documentation/theme

The cern theme is part of a family of themes based upon the cern_base theme. If you want to inherit most things from the cern theme but add a few overrides, then you should enable both these themes and create a new subtheme with the cern theme as its parent - use the cern_overwrite theme as a starter pack.

For designs that need to differ more radically from the cern theme you should consider a custom subtheme based directly on cern_base.


  1. Respect the design guidelines for CERN websites
  2. Only subthemes should be hosted locally to your site for production environments. By hosting cern_base and cern on your site you effectively opt out of having updates applied to these themes on your site by the Drupal administrators.


For all issues related to Drupal at CERN, refer to the Entice community: http://entice.web.cern.ch/

Note in particular the theming forum: http://entice.web.cern.ch/forums/theming


Members of the drupal-users and Entice e-groups have read access to the following repository branches:

git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/web-team/drupal/public/d7/themes/cern.git

git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/web-team/drupal/public/d7/themes/cern-overwrite.git

Instructions on how to install Git on both MAC and PC can be found here.

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