User experience asset library

CERN toolbar

The CERN toolbar is a key branding element that identifies a website as belonging to the CERN web. It must be implemented in a standard way so that users who see it in different contexts get the same experience across multiple sites.  See an example of the implementation standard.

The toolbar provides basic functions:

Drupal theme

The cern Drupal theme is documented here for reference for developers who wish to customize their Drupal site by creating a subtheme. It is not part of the framework repository.


Use the PT family of fonts from Paratype. Take note of and respect the licensing agreement in each font package.


The web team in DG-CO has chosen to adopt Helveticons as its standard icon set. Icons should be used consistently from application to application so that they remain meaningful.

For information about using Helveticons in your CERN application and how to purchase a licence please get in touch with Dan Noyes.

Javascript: IE compatibility

Sometimes Internet Explorer just doesn't play ball. Use the file to fix issues with IE 7-9 that to allow these user agents to render HTML5 and CSS3 and generally behave themselves a little more.


The CERN typographic experience on the web is based on the PT family of typefaces. PT, distributed under an open user license, is a family of typefaces comprising  Sans, Serif and Caption. Designed by Paratype in 2009, the PT family of typefaces are highly legible and have excellent language support, in addition to being included as default on Fedora Linux, Gentoo Linux and OS X Lion.

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