About this site

This website is an evolving reference and code base for developers of CERN websites aimed at creating a unified, enjoyable experience across CERN websites for our end users. It is maintained by the web team in the CERN communication group.

Where usability measures and describes whether or not end users can achieve their goals via a website or application, user experience describes what lies beyond pure functionality: are interactions intuitive, enjoyable or satisfying for instance? We want users of CERN applications and websites to have a great time while using them - we want to create a great user experience.

The CERN web experience library aims to be technology neutral. It doesn't matter whether you are developing in Drupal, Sharepoint or Ruby - the asset library is available to all developers of CERN websites and applications.

Get involved

Are you a developer or website manager at CERN? We can only create a great user experience across CERN's web with your help and input. First off, have a poke around the asset library and read the documentation. Then jump in: use the forum to highlight problems, propose solutions and share your ideas.

Get code

Developers can access code examples via the framework Git repository. A link to each asset is included in the documentation base.

To get the entire code base:

git clone https://gitlab.cern.ch/web-team-ux-assets/framework2

For Git documentation see http://git-scm.com/documentation